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An all-natural, organic, vegan salve for breast health, care, & love!

Created for boobies of all shapes, sizes, & colors.

Fuelled by a mission for empowerment, self-love, & self-care.

This is a jar of wholesome boobi butter. Each with a special surprise insideĀ 

Why Boobies

Loving our lovely ladies is the first step toward breast health. Our mission is to foster awareness for our boobies and treat them with the love and care they deserve!

Boobi Butter is a hand-crafted breast care salve made from the finest quality ingredients that promote healthy and happy boobies. Effortlessly add Boobi Butter to your beauty ritual and take an active step in caring for your body.



All-Natural, Organic, & Vegan, Boobi Butter is made from the highest quality ingredients. Check out our list of wonderful ingredients and all of their boobi benefits!


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Breast Friends

Growing up together in San Diego, California, Amelia and Kelsey have always been advocates of health in their own lives. United by a mission of body positivity, women's empowerment, & self-care, Amelia and Kelsey aim to change the way our society views and treats breasts. They believe a woman's body is sacred and want to share their creation with women everywhere!

Amelia Coomber

Amelia Coomber

Kelsey Maloney

Kelsey Maloney