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Making monthly self-breast exams a fun, empowering, & binding ritual 

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Your starter kit contains five amazing tools:

1) Organic, early detection encouraging, potent oil with specially selected, essential oils that protect breast tissue, increase blood circulation, & decrease inflammation.

2) Visual & informational guides with easy to follow instructions on the correct searching techniques, how to guides for getting to know your girls, & the best ways to perform self-checks. 

3) A transferable boobi sticker for your mirror that reminds you to check and record any changes

4) A colorful white board marker for marking the locations of any changes you notice: lumps, bumps and unexplained differences.

5) A fun boob related surprise!!



Boobi swimwear available for pre-order! Email for 15% off your pre-ordered purchase



Why Boobies

Loving our lovely ladies is the first step toward breast health. Our mission is to foster awareness for our boobies and treat them with the love and care they deserve!

Boobi Butter is a hand-crafted breast care salve made from the finest quality ingredients that promote healthy and happy boobies. Effortlessly add Boobi Butter to your beauty ritual and take an active step in caring for your body.



All-Natural, Organic, & Vegan, Boobi Butter is made from the highest quality ingredients. Check out our list of wonderful ingredients and all of their boobi benefits!


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Boss Ass Bitties

All three team members are college students at the University of Denver, passionate about making a difference & being apart of something greater than ourselves. We are a diverse group of kick-ass women, that get shit done, & want every women to take control of their breast health. One of our team members has personal experience with breast cancer in her family & we know the pain, hardship, and mental stress this disease can put on the entire families, especially when it is not detected early enough. Our mission is to change this. 

Amelia Coomber CEO Computer Science Major

Amelia Coomber


Computer Science Major

Julia Farrell COO Computer Science Major

Julia Farrell


Computer Science Major

Hannah Bibbo CMO Psychology & Strategic Communications

Hannah Bibbo


Psychology & Strategic Communications